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IP telephony (VoIP)

IP telephony (VoIP), as a medium for an audio/video communications, is often used in everyday work. Replacing an old telephone system (PBX) with an IP system, the cost of calls can be reduced, both locally and on international calls.

IP telephony can be used both at home and business networks (LAN), and over the Internet. If your company has branch offices on multiple geographic locations (in one or more cities), these branch offices can be connected through the Internet in one large network, providing free phone calls between them.

IP telephony initially involves the transmission of voice and video. However, IP PBX system can be used for Voice Mail, user mobility (users can be logged on IP phones), contact center system (UCCX)...

Replace the old analogue line (PSTN) with higher quality SIP trunk service that IP telephony enables. SIP trunk allows multiple phone lines via a single telephone "twisted pair". A simple software upgrade to IP PBX is possible to increase the number of telephone lines, without the need to purchase additional equipment and installing additional cables.

We offer you complete IP telephony solutions for home and business networks, based on Cisco technology:

  • IP PBX
  • IP phones
  • Voice cards (FXO, FXS)
  • Connecting local IP PBX to PSTN
  • Connecting local IP PBX to mobile telephony network (GSM gateway)
  • Connecting local IP PBX to SIP trunk (Telekom, Telenor, Skype...)

Download short presentation about IP telephony...

For more informations about IP telephony possibilities, and advantages comparing to analog telephony, contact us: voip@timnetworks.rs

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Home and business networks (SOHO)

Todays connection with the world has become a daily routine. Each computer user needs permanent and secure connection to the Internet. With our help, you will achieve a complete multimedia (audio/video) communication with your family, friends, customers, business partners...

Nowadays, computer networks can easily be connected to the Internet. However, certain protection is necessary against unwanted intrusions, both from the outside, and the inside. If you enable wireless access to your network (which is now often the case), it is necessary to protect the network from unwanted users.

Business users may have offices at multiple locations in one or more cities. With the help of modern networking devices, it is possible to connect these locations together into one large network (using VPN technology), which facilitates access to computers and the resources of the network (files, printers...).

Connecting computers to a central location (switch) can be done by cable, wireless or via existing electrical installations (HomePlug). Based on your needs, we will advise you on the best way to connect your equipment.

In home and business networks, in addition to the computer, there can be other network devices:

  • File server (all your important files at one place)
  • local Web server (internal web presentation of your company)
  • Network printers

For all of these (and many others) related services for home and business networks, you can consult us, and it is completely free. We'll come to you, look at the state of the network and present views on the current situation, as well as possible improvements.

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Wireless networks (WiFi)

Wireless networks provide mobile and flexible access to computer network and its services (Internet access, local files, printers...). Speed in wireless networks is sufficient for comfortable operation and a complete multimedia. Wireless 802.11n standard provides speeds of up to 300 Mbps. In the average small computer network, computers connected with cables reach transfer speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Nowadays, security in wireless networks is very high, thanks to strong security protocols, so there is no risk of unauthorized access to your network. Just run the WPA2 security protocol and set a strong password (eg minimum 8 characters).

Wireless data transmission can be utilized in many ways:

  • Classic approach to the network, which is sufficient to set up one or more base stations
    (Access Point - AP)
  • Link between two separate LAN networks (Point-to-Point link - P2P)
  • Access to the network wirelessly, with the user authentication (eg guest at a service facility) via the classic Web browser (Hot Spot).

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Enterprise networking systems

Large network systems in business networks allows simultaneous access to the network and its resources for dozens (or hundreds) of users. Such environments require network equipment of the highest quality, which serves 24/7.

In large networks, users first log on to the system. In this way, the user gets certain rights that can be used to access certain resources in the network (eg, file access). For this purpose it is necessary to have a powerful server computers that can handle a large number of concurrent requests.

Some companies have a number of smaller branch networks in different geographic locations. With the help of VPN technology will help you to connect these networks into one, in order to consolidate resources in the network and simplify the monitoring of network devices.

Part of the service from the local area network can be transferred to the cloud environment, ie. you can hire services of other companies. One such service is e-mail. If the client does not want to maintain its own e-mail server (which requires a separate room, server cooling, electricity ...), it is enough to purchase an e-mail from the companies that offer such service.

Large network systems with their complex IT technologies are an important part of business. Contact us to find out which solutions are best and most effective for your company.

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Computer service and maintenance

All the problems with desktop and laptop computers, hardware and software, we can eliminate quickly, efficiently and professionally, taking into account the quality of service, rapid implementation and the cleanliness of your computer.

  • Installing a new operating system (Windows, Linux)
  • Drivers (necessary for the proper operation of your computer)
  • Legal bundled software (for a complete multimedia enjoyment at work)
  • Replacement of faulty components
  • Installing new components (computer upgrade)
  • Cleaning from viruses
  • Data backup
  • Connecting peripherals (printers, scanners...)
  • Connecting to the Internet (cable, ADSL, wireless...)
  • Computer networking for sharing files and printers on the local network

Fault diagnosis is free of charge, no matter what kind of fault is.

Computer service is done at your premises or in our service. In the event of a major breakdown, we pick up your computer and bring back within a few days (3-7). Cost of transport is free of charge, we only charge cost of labor and replacement parts.